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Featured JAG Service - Mock Jury Trials

Featured JAG Service - Mock Jury Trials
Posted - Jun 28, 2012
Mock Jury Trials

A mock jury trial is a type of research, similar to a focus group, where 8 to 12 “jurors” are assembled to hear a summary presentation of both sides of a legal case. Once the case is presented, the mock jurors debate the evidence and the arguments while lawyers observe the group discussion from behind a one-way mirror or via video feed. A mock jury allows lawyers, and their clients, to evaluate the potential reactions of jurors to their evidence and arguments before a case goes to trial.
The Judicial Arbiter Group assists counsel in trial preparation, strategic planning and settlement valuation through the use of mock jury trials. JAG maintains a readily available list of qualified jurors from various jurisdictions in order to provide counsel with a diversified, representative jury panel in order to develop trial strategies or value litigation. JAG offers the added benefit of experienced former judges to direct and monitor the presentation of evidence and deliberation of the jury. This trial and appellate judging experience offers both invaluable legal and practical understanding into the potential outcome of a case. Representative jury panels coupled with experienced arbiter insight make the use of such innovative trial planning an effective tool for counsel to employ.
In addition to the knowledge and experience provided by our former Judges, JAG's courtroom is equipped with the most advanced presentation and recording tools, including ELMO, Skype, a 120" projection screen, and two 55" LCD monitors. This equipment permits counsel to give effective, technological-based presentations, record witness testimony for future review, and observe and record real time jury deliberations.
To request more information or schedule a Mock Jury Trial, please call the JAG scheduling department at (303) 572-1919.