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Transitions at JAG

Transitions at JAG
Posted - Jun 28, 2012
Brook & Meyer

The more things change the more they stay the same. As this French proverb predicts that change merely cements the foundations already laid, so was the intent of the recent ownership transition at Judicial Arbiter Group. You may have heard through the legal grapevine that there has been an ownership change at Judicial Arbiter Group. As we considered the opportunity of acquiring JAG, the primary goal was to continue the legacy of providing quality dispute resolution services through insight and experience, in a comfortable and neutral environment. Two of JAG’s founders, Bill Neighbors and Dick Dana, are here and staying to keep us on track. Their advice, guidance and commitment to JAG continue to be invaluable.
That said, there will be some changes at JAG. In the low magnitude category, we have started providing fruit to balance the caloric extravaganza in the mornings. More substantively, JAG will be expanding services to provide mock jury trials and focus groups. Please check out the newsletter article on Featured Services for more detail on our mock jury and focus group services.
Last year we began the JAG educational series, which consisted of 12 free, catered CLE sessions with between 1 to 6 hours of training. The topics included: mediation ethics, evidentiary issues including hearsay and opinion evidence, case evaluation, effective negotiation skills in the mediation context and arbitration law and ethics. Beginning this summer, JAG intends to reinstitute the education series. Former judges teach all of the sessions. Look for mailers and on our website for the dates and topics. Where else can you get free CLE credits and excellent food?
Finally, we recognize that as a service business, JAG will only continue to thrive if it meets the needs of the legal community. Therefore, we encourage your feedback about how can we improve; services JAG can provide that we may not have thought about; and better ways of handling settlement conferences, status conferences, and telephone conferences. Your input will only help improve our service. The retired judges are here to assist you to resolve disputes, so please make suggestions to make the process work for your unique case.
The lawyers we serve provide JAG with the most challenging legal and factual disputes that exist, and for that we say thank you. A common refrain from one judge to another in the hall is, “you just can’t make this stuff up.” The reason judges seek employment at JAG and so enjoy their work is because they get to solve complex legal disagreements presented by the best legal talent.
Thank you for past support and we look forward to working with you in the future.
Warm Regards,
Bill Meyer & Sandy Brook