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Scheduling of matters with the Judicial Arbiter Group is accomplished through an automated calendaring system operated by the scheduling department. Arbiter selection is by preference of involved counsel unless choice is delegated to Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. by prior agreement of all parties. JAG arbiters are also available to resolve certain matters by teleconference. Appropriate matters suitable for teleconference should be scheduled through one of the scheduling clerks, at 303-572-1919. To check the calendar status of a specific arbiter, counsel should click the calendar link on the arbiter’s biography page. For general arbiter availability by date, click the Calendar link on the main navigation menu.


Documents required for JAG hearings can be delivered, faxed, or e-mailed to the Judicial Arbiter Group. Please note that there is a 50 page cumulative limit for emailed documents. Counsel choosing to submit materials by email should send information, in advance of the scheduled date, both to the individual arbiter and to For cases in the Colorado Springs JAG office, administrative questions and settlement or arbitration materials should be directed to


Fees charged by staff of the Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. are based on an hourly rate and will vary with the arbiter selected and the nature of the case submitted. Such factors as the number of parties, location, or unusual travel requirements may affect the rate. JAG does not charge filing or administrative fees. Fees for producing summary jury trials or focus groups include actual expenses such as jury procurement, surveying and compensation, videotaping, arbiter time and a project coordination fee for trial management services. Please contact the JAG office directly for specific information regarding arbiter fees and case-specific costs.

Travel time incurred by the staff of the Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. is charged at one-half (1/2) the selected arbiter's normal hourly rate. In addition to the costs of public transportation, cases requiring travel outside the state of Colorado will be assessed a flat charge necessary to cover the cost of lodging, meals, ground transportation, car rental and other related expenses.

Deposits and Cancellation Fees
In binding arbitration hearings or domestic relations settlement conferences counsel will be required to forward a deposit based upon the chosen arbiter's hourly rate and the estimated time required for trial and deliberation. Participating parties should contribute equally in the submission of the required deposit unless otherwise agreed. Arbitration hearings or settlement conferences cancelled or continued within fourteen (14) days of the scheduled matter may be subject to a fee based upon the arbiter's hourly rate and the number of days reserved but not used.

Clients of the Judicial Arbiter Group are able to receive current financial information on account balances and billing by contacting the Accounting Manager ( Other questions regarding accounting or collections can be directed to the Controller ( In cases with special billing requirements, counsel should provide the billing agreement, in writing, to JAG accounting staff, as well as all involved parties, at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled matter. Failure to do so will result in an equal billing split and responsibility for payment assigned accordingly. All special billing information is confidential and not disclosed to the case arbiter.

Nick the Great

Nick Gonzalez joins us from the law firm Greenberg-Traurig. Nick is our jack-of-all trades. He assists with the front desk, provides invaluable assistance with JAG's IT needs, handles materials, works in the file room, and restocks the refrigerators. He can do it all! Nick grew up in Gary, Indiana. He graduated from Calumet High School in Gary and attended Southern Indiana University in Evansville. 

Nick Gonzalez