In Memoriam
Posted - Jun 28, 2012
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Jerry Lockwood

Last year was a difficult one for the Judicial Arbiter Group, as we lost two long time members of the JAG family. Jerry Lockwood and Rhonda Durst both passed away in October of 2011. Words cannot express how much our friends and colleagues Jerry and Rhonda are missed every day here at JAG.
Jerry Lockwood
Jerry co-founded Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. in 1984 with former Chief District Judge, Richard W. Dana, and led the company as president until 2011. After serving as Court Judicial Administrator in Boulder for four years, he brought that expertise and organization to the management of JAG and kept the company running like a well-oiled machine. An early proponent of alternative dispute resolution, Jerry’s work and influence have had a profound effect on the Colorado legal community as a whole, where ADR is now required before any civil action can proceed to trial. Please take a moment to remember Jerry and his unwavering goal of providing a welcoming and positive environment within which to move the legal process forward.
Jerry also pursued his passion for the great Southwest by co-founding Two Ravens Pottery with Judge Dan Hale to promote Native American artists and preserve Native American culture of the American Southwest. He is survived by his wife Martha, his children Jocelyn and Jared, and his brother Jon.
Rhonda Durst
Rhonda joined JAG as a receptionist in August 2006 after a long career with Bonfils. She was recommended for the position by Jerry Lockwood’s wife Martha, a former co-worker at Bonfils. She enjoyed working at JAG and was loved by the entire staff.
“Rhonda's smile was the first thing I saw every morning when I walked through the doors at JAG. I will miss her kind spirit and her caring ways. I feel blessed to have had the privilege of knowing Rhonda,” remembers JAG arbiter Susan Macey.
Rhonda leaves behind two adult children, Saquanda and Lonelle, and 5 grandchildren.