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Welcome to Judge Randy Arp

Judicial Arbiter Group is elated that Judge Randy Arp has joined the distinguished arbiters at JAG.

Judge Randy Arp was a District Court Judge in the First Judicial District from 2006 to December 31, 2023. Although Randy generally handled a mixed docket (civil, criminal, and domestic), from 2008-2010, he became the presiding domestic court judge for Jefferson County. After being the presiding judge of domestic cases, Randy returned to a mixed docket.

Immediately prior to taking the bench, Judge Arp was with the firm of Bradley Devitt and Arp, P.C. for twenty years, handling domestic, criminal, and civil matters, including bankruptcy.

Randy has been active in both bar activities and judicial administrative matters. Judge Arp chaired the Supreme Court Standing Committee on Family Law Issues and co-chaired the D.R.P.R. Institute for seven years.

Additionally, Randy chaired the Supreme Court Panel on Multi-District Litigation and served as the 1st J.D. Bar Association representative to the C.B.A. Board of Governors. He also served on the Metro Volunteer Lawyers governing board for 17 years and is a previous honoree as MLV’s volunteer lawyer of the year.

Judge Arp is available to handle Mediation/Arbitration/Special Master/Appointed Judge hearings beginning April 1, 2024. Please call JAG at 303-572-1919 to schedule Judge Randy Arp.

Judge Randy Arp
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