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Welcome to Judge Shelley Gilman

Judicial Arbiter Group is elated that Judge Shelley Gilman has joined the distinguished arbiters at JAG.

Judge Gilman was appointed to the 2nd Judicial District bench in February 1998 and retired in November 2023. Prior to her judicial service, she practiced with boutique litigation firms, after serving in the trial and appellate divisions of the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office.

Shelley graduated from the University of Illinois, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappy, and received her law degree from the University of Denver, Order of St. Ives.

Judge Gilman has been Program Coordinator and Executive Committee member for the Colorado Judges’ Peer 2 Peer Coaching Program. Additionally, Shelley was a member of the Colorado Supreme Court Criminal Rules Committee from 200-2023.

Throughout her judicial tenure, Judge Gilman has received numerous honors, including the 2021 ABOTA Judicial Excellence Award, the 2016 Denver Bar Judicial Excellence Award, the 2014 Law Week Best Trail Court Judge Award, and the 1999 CWBA Judicial Excellence Award.

Judge Gilman is available to handle Mediation/Arbitration/Special Master/Appointed Judge hearings beginning February 1, 2024. Please call JAG at 303-572-1919 to schedule Judge Shelley Gilman.

Judge Shelley Gilman
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